Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my candle from tunnelling?

If you notice your candle is tunnelling through the centre and leaving a thick margin of wax on the inside of the glass it could mean you have blown your candle out too soon on the first burn. To prevent memory rings and tunnelling, follow the instructions below: The very first time you burn your new candle you must make sure to leave it burning for approximately 2-3 hours to allow the entire surface of the wax to be melted. As soon as you can see the melted wax has reached the jar then it is safe to extinguish. Try to do this with each and every burn, but particularly the first.

Is it necessary to trim my candle wick?

Yes! Each time you relight your candle you should always make sure to trim your wick back down to approximately 0.5cm. This will ensure that your candle will burn correctly and evenly. If you light a wick in it's 'Mushroom' phase it can cause wick crackling or popping, which then leads to black soot marks being left on the inside of your candle jar.

What happens if my candle order arrives damaged or broken?

In the unfortunate event of candle breakages in transit, please email us at along with your order number and photos of your damaged goods. We will then do our best to resolve the issue. If there happens to be any other issue with your candle, please follow the steps above and specify the issue as well as providing us with a photo of the batch date on the base of your jar. Here at 3 Wishes we pride ourselves on making long-burning, strong-smelling, and eco-friendly candles.

Are the candles natural and free of chemicals?

Absolutely! All of our candles here at 3 Wishes are made using eco-friendly soy wax and vegetable wax. No chemicals are used in our candles and we use cotton, lead-free wicks.

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