This 4-step kit will help unleash an adventurous side, to live boldly and fearlessly.


BELL ROCK VORTEX: an essence for the peaceful warrior

There is a positive, assertive masculine energy to this essence. Good for when one needs a little extra push of encouragement to step out and ‘do’. When dreams and aspirations align with heart’s true desires, any fearful thought can be overcome. This essence helps to reactivate the fearless drive, allowing one to move forward and achieve desired goals, feel safe and release worries – to courageously and confidently take action to achieve the highest vision. Directions:  If taking directly from the stock bottle, 2 drops under the tongue per day for 2 to 3 weeks.


I AM...Bold is an essence that uplifts and energises your spirit to help you conquer any fears, stand strong in your centre and stay true to yourself and your highest vision.

DIRECTIONS: Spray over the crown of the head and liberally on and around your body, repeat the affirmation, take a deep breath, and let go.


AFFIRMATION: "I am adventurous, fearless and courageous. I take heart centred action."


MERIDIAN BLENDS: The Kidney and Bladder meridian blends can be used as often as you desire and at anytime of the day. The “body clock” time shown on instructions simply shows when these organs are in their peak 2hr energy period.


The two (partner) Meridian Blends of the Water Element will support correct flow of energy along the Kidney and Bladder meridian lines. The main emotional aspect of the Water Element is fear – when these meridians are in balance, fear can become fearless. Don’t waste energy on ‘what ifs’, focus fearlessly on doing what calls the heart; then experience it, learn it, live it.


The world is yours – explore, experience and live life full. 


  “A peaceful harmonious world begins with a peaceful harmonious self”

Hanako Courage Kit