It Started with a
Little Village Candle Shop…

where self-care rituals
are everyday magic

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Welcome to the world of 3 Wishes where self-care rituals are everyday magic.

Our story began in a small Hahndorf candle shop where customers were enchanted by the potent fragrance of our handcrafted candles.

A hidden gem for over a decade, 3 Wishes has expanded from our quaint village beginnings where our flagship Hahndorf store still stands today, to incorporate our brand new Westfield Marion store. But no matter how much we grow, the heart and soul of Hahndorf still infuses every 3 Wishes product.

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Artisan Made with Love

Originally known for our highly scented candles featuring signature aromas dreamed into life by our own local perfumer, 3 Wishes has grown to incorporate a gorgeous range of natural bath and body self-care products. Handmade in small batches, each product has been thoughtfully created to bring out the best in your skin - and the best in every day.

Customers who fell in love with our pure soy wax candles in enchanting scents including Strawberries & Champagne and Japanese Cherry Blossom can now enjoy the sensory experience of our naturally nourishing bath and body care. We’ve added gentle body washes, shower steamers, whipped foaming soaps, soothing organic body lotions and an Aromatherapy Spa Collection to make your everyday bathing routine a pampering pleasure.

But no matter how 3 Wishes may grow, our team of artisans are still responsible for creating and handcrafting every beautiful product so you know it’s made with love – and a little sprinkle of 3 Wishes magic!

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Natural Ingredients for Pure Pampering

We believe in the magic of Mother Nature – that’s why we source the best natural ingredients to create our candles, reed diffusers, and bath and body care.

Our 100% soy wax candles and cotton wicks are made to burn clean and bright – no toxins here! Our bath and body care is enriched with a blend of natural and organic ingredients that are nourishing and soothing to the skin – no irritation here!

When you choose 3 Wishes, you can be confident you’re choosing naturally beneficial self-care products quality-made in the Adelaide Hills.

3 Wishes Self-care is Everyday Magic

Turn an everyday routine into a daily self-care pampering ritual – just a sprinkle of 3 Wishes should do!

Our entire 3 Wishes range has been thoughtfully created to enhance every day, relieving the pressure and stress of modern life. The simple act of lighting your favourite candle can promote deeper relaxation and elevate the ambience of your home. Swapping out your regular soap for a lovingly handmade organic soap or indulgent body wash from our Aromatherapy Spa Collection can transform a regular shower into a mood-boosting experience that sets you up for a wonderful day.

What you choose to do with your one precious life is up to you – but no matter the big picture, you can find magic in the everyday with 3 Wishes.


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Why 3 Wishes?

Take one candle-loving Hahndorf local, a heap of passion for fragrance, and a humble kitchen where three little tins were filled with pure soy wax and fragrance for the very first time. Blend with love and you have three little creations that became the beginning of 3 Wishes.

Those three tin candles still exist today, a sweet reminder of how a dream to share your creations with the world can turn into a magical reality. And in honour of our humble beginnings, we are now offering the same little tins in our most popular 3 Wishes fragrances. Buy one for yourself and don’t forget to make a wish – or three!

And now the dream has expanded to reflect our love of natural skin care and pampering rituals. Our gorgeous range of bath and body products offers everyday self-care that feels like pure luxury. So if you’ve been wishing for hydrated skin that glows, 3 Wishes bath and body care is the answer!

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Want to experience our Hahndorf candle shop?

Planning a visit to the Adelaide Hills? We’d love to welcome you into our enchanting store, the original 3 Wishes candle shop where the magic began! Or visit us at our gorgeous new 3 Wishes store in Westfield Marion.

Whether you visit us in Hahndorf or at Westfield Marion, you’ll find all our signature candles and the luxe new range of 3 Wishes bath and body care instore. Come and browse our Bath & Body Treats Bar where you can fill and customise your very own bath and body products. Everything is so delicious that you might find it hard to pick which products are coming home with you!

Feeling creative? Try the instore candle-making experience while you’re here.