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Crafted with relaxing bath salts

Soak your troubles away…

At 3 Wishes, we’re all about making self-care a priority. We invite you to embrace everyday pampering with our luxury Bath Soak range. Lovingly created by our clever Hahndorf artisans, each Handmade Bath Soak has been created with deep relaxation and indulgence in mind.

We start with a base of 100% Epsom salts which are known for their therapeutic benefits including relieving muscle tension and soothing a stressful mind. Then we add delicate fragrance oils and a range of natural ingredients including pure, natural Australian clays, and dried Australian flowers and herbs. In our Aromatherapy Spa Collection, you’ll find our natural Bath Soaks are infused with 100% pure essential oils.

Shop our luxury Bath Soak range and choose from ten scent varieties created by our local perfumer. For the ultimate stress melter, we recommend trying Calming (a blend of pure essential oils including lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense and cedarwood), or Australian Lavender from our Aromatherapy Spa Collection. Or escape to somewhere exotic from the comfort of your own bathroom with sunshine-inspired Tropical Bliss, or Palm Beach Dream.