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Luxury care for silky soft skin

Embrace your inner Cleopatra…

Soft, silky, supple skin is not just for famous Egyptian queens! Our lovingly handmade Bath & Shower Milk range offers a luxurious alternative to your usual body wash. Made with 100% Australian milk powder, this naturally moisturising product works equally well in the shower or the bath. A few generous sprinkles in the tub makes for a relaxing bath milk soak. In the shower, the powder forms a paste that can be gently massaged into the skin. No matter how you choose to use it, your skin will be perfectly cleansed and hydrated, silky soft and smelling divine!

Available in ten enchanting scents, the hardest part is deciding which 3 Wishes Bath & Shower Milk to choose! Get on island time with coconut and pine-lime scented Palm Beach Dream. Indulge in a beautifully botanical blend with Parisian Kisses. Or start your day with the therapeutic benefits of 100% pure essential oils with our Aromatherapy Spa Collection including Rose Geranium, and Calming (a soothing blend of lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense and cedarwood). Shop now to unlock the milk bath bliss!